Coporate Security

Majority of business have some form of reception through which both employees and visitors pass daily. Davlin Security Group offer a combined service where a receptionist/concierge greets visitors in a service-minded and friendly manner while maintaining high standards of confidentiality and security. Often they are the first point of contact for visitors to your building.


Image and reputation


Your image and reputation are paramount to Davlin Security Group that is why our guards are especially screened and selected for each individual company and its roles ensuring that the highest quality of service is delivered.


Meeting client's needs 


Davlin Security Group in combination with our clients' needs aim at minimizing theft and loss. With the appropriate theft prevention measures, such as in store security, CCTV and access control in place a company can reduce losses and theft. Davlin Security Group offers a variety of solutions for different industries tailoring those solutions to your unique needs.


With our Occupational Health and Safety assurance, you can be comfortable knowing that the minefield of employee and visitor safety is in capable hands.


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